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Been dismissed by standard property insurers?
Time to discover Infinity, a bespoke platform designed to transact specialised property risks.

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Hats off to all the brokers tolerating traditional ways of doing insurance. The endless forms, paper mountains and slow, dragging process can really stunt your progress. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Discover Infinity and retrieve non-standard risk quotes quickly from a quality panel of unique insurers.

Infinity gives you the choice, speed, ease and assurance to do more with more. Access the best specialist insurers to manage non-standard risks, retrieve a quote in less than 2 minutes, monitor everything on a live dashboard and earn generous commission.

Non-standard property insurance, non-stop support

Need answers and need them now? You’re not alone. Our Infinity platform not only delivers a rapid quote, it’s also pretty reassuring, providing equally speedy support as standard. Call, email or live chat, however you make contact, our dedicated, expert support teams are here to conquer your queries.

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Specialist guidance, support and advice from a panel of industry experts.

Infinity Team

From straw roofs to renovations, Infinity
has you covered

They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Fortunately, we’re knowledgeable and well connected. Our partnerships with specialist third-party insurers ensures every non-standard risk can be managed and secured with ease, speed and reassurance.

Here are just a few of the non-standard risks we cover, as standard:



Lights are on but no one's home? An empty house needn’t mean an unsecure house. Whether your property is awaiting new tenants or you’re waiting to move in yourself, secure it with Infinity.



Not your average red brick? Not a problem. Non-typical constructions need non-typical insurers. Relax. Infinity cover everything from Cob, Lathe & Plaster, Steel-Framed and Pre-fabricated buildings.


High net worth:

Gated, fenced, alarmed – sometimes even the most advanced deterrents are no match for experienced criminals. Secure your prestigious estate and prized possessions with Infinity. We cover high value properties of £1m+ and high value contents of £150k+.



Typical insurers dismissed your thatch property? It’s not the final straw. Trust Infinity to find you an affordable, specialist insurer that will cover your property against the risk of fire.



Didn’t realise you were moving? Tree roots, clay shrinkage and inadequate foundations can encourage your property to shift in its settlement. Ensure the property is protected and costs for underpinning and repairs are minimised with Infinity.


Business use:

Small business owners – we’ve got your back. Whether you’re a dog groomer, beautician, artist or child-minder, Infinity covers a range of professions and occupations helping you secure your business and your lifestyle.



Don’t drown in complexities. Keep your head above water when your property has suffered flooding from a river, stream or problematic drain system by securing it with Infinity.



We’re not here to judge. We’re here to offer non-standard insurance. So if one of your clients has a conviction and is finding it difficult to insure their property, Infinity can match them with a just insurer for affordable assurance.



Time for an upgrade? Renovate your property with confidence by protecting it with Infinity. Our specialist insurers cover all kinds of renovations from extensive works to redecorating.


Go on. Sell it to me, why should I choose Infinity?

We don’t like to boast, but since you asked… Infinity is a full circle online portal, managing multiple specialist insurers. Brokers benefit from ease, speed and choice via the advanced, innovative platform. Plus, everything is backed by an expert support team for total confidence. And the rates and commission are pretty attractive too.

Who are CETA?

We’re a tech-based insurance provider, fusing specialist products and the most knowledgeable people for smart, capable solutions. Founded in 1993, we’re proud to have created the first electronic insurance trading platform for Independent Financial Advisors. Today, we’re owned by Private Equity and strive to future-proof the insurance market, delivering advanced, efficient solutions to help brokers offer non-standard property insurance to clients all over the country.

When can we start trading?

Hold your horses. First, we ask you to complete the following application form, then accept our terms of business agreement. We’ll then send you a trading logon where you can offer quote & bind immediately. If you’re a regulated broker, we expect the application process to take no more than 48 hours.

I’m pushed for time. How fast can you quote me?

Infinity is an intuitive system; designed with a dynamic question set meaning you only see the questions appropriate to your non-standard risks. You can get a non-referral quote in less than 2 minutes.

Can I use Infinity on projects of all scales?

Whether you’ve one or one hundred clients, Infinity has you covered. There’s no minimum premium requirement, but it’s worth noting that you can earn extra commission with the more premium you place.

Let’s talk rates. What’s the commission like?

Our standard commission for policies sold within the infinity system is 22.5%. If you are an occasional user and receive commission payments processed by CETA the commission is 20%. The system also allows you to add a fee of up to £30 per policy

How are premiums paid?

Infinity is a flexible solution, allowing you to use it as much or as little as you like. If you’re using it occasionally, you/your customer pays at the time of purchase with commission paid in the following month. Using it more frequently? We’ll set you up a credit account and issue statements for payment.

How are mid-term adjustments and renewals managed?

Infinity gives brokers control back. Mid-term adjustments and cancellations can be created quickly and easily within the system.

Sounds right up my street. Where can I find out more?

Just give our new broker support team a call on 01608 647888

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