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Non-standard as standard

We’re proud to say we’re non-standard. Just like your insurance needs. Welcome to our world of innovation, capability and insight.

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Infinite possibilities!

Scrap the forms and paper mountains and switch to the modern, versatile way of doing insurance via our Infinity platform. Smart, sophisticated and supported, it manages a range of risks and insurers and pairs advanced tech with a personable service. It’s the quote and bind service you can count on time and time again. Non-standard insurance with non-stop support? That’s what we’re talking about.

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Benefits of Infinity


No hidden agenda

We're a straightforward company with a transparent vision. We're always upfront, open and straight down the line about everything from registration to compliance and support.


All under one roof

When we say Infinity is all-encompassing, we mean it. We don't outsource or pass your support queries overseas. We keep things central, giving you total control and flexibility with an optimised interactive dashboard and user-friendly manager settings for ease and speed.


Rapid quotes, reassuringly fast

Forget the arduous referral process of the past. Infinity delivers quotes fast, from a unique panel of insurers for maximum choice and efficiency. Need an expert ear? We're here for you with specialist support on all your non-standard queries.

Trusted Partners

CETA has been delivering tech-enabled insurance solutions for over 25 years. Today, the business is digital and dynamic, offering a wide range of unique insurance solutions fusing the latest innovations with the most knowledgeable people for expert insight and support.

- Chief Executive Officer

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But relax, we’re still the same CETA!

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