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A non-standard company for non-standard insurance.
Innovative, established and pioneers of smart, supported insurance solutions.

The CETA story begins…

Floppy discs are the future. Well, they were back in 1993 when we were busy developing one of the first-ever insurance comparison tools. It’s fair to say we’ve evolved since then, and so have our solutions. Fast-forward to today and we’re proud to offer a finely tuned online specialist insurance Portal, delivering rapid quotes and reassuring specialist insurance for brokers all over the country.

A new chapter

We're leading the insurance revolution. Go digital and discover our Infinity platform for rapid quotes, attractive rates and expert support.

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Non-standard needn't mean non-negotiable

As experts in specialist insurance, we’re used to saying YES where others say no. So if you've been dismissed by a traditional insurer, we can help.

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Collaboration & innovation

Our business is driven by our products and our people – but you're always in the driving seat. Count on smart, sophisticated solutions fully supported by a team of industry experts.

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Your money safe, your clients satisfied

Hey, we’re realists too. We know you want to see lucrative returns. So our rates and commissions are attractive, keeping your clients satisfied and your moolah safe.

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CETA Close

We’ve had a quick costume (and content) change

But relax, we’re still the same CETA!

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