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Discover the only B2B solution on the market to combine multiple insurers, cover non-standard risks and deliver a rapid quote & bind service.

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Forget everything you typically associate with obtaining insurance quotes. The slow, laborious process. The endless forms. The waiting game. CETA is here to make your job as a broker easier, more efficient and with greater returns.

We know non-standard risks. We’ve been providing specialist cover since 1993, protecting people’s properties and assets from everything life can throw at them. Flooding, theft, thatched roofs, off-the-wall construction, you name it, we’ve insured it.

Our Infinity platform is the only B2B solution on the market to combine multiple insurers covering non-standard property risks for a fast, stable quote and bind service.

Partner with us and gain the advantage of offering 4 types of non-standard property insurance, all with attractive commission rates:

  • TickNon-standard by location/condition
  • TickNon-standard by property type
  • TickNon-standard by use
  • TickNon-standard by owner

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Submit registration. Let’s get to know each other, we’d love to understand about your business requirements.


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Give it a go. Play around with the system, compare prices. let’s arrange some training with one of our account managers.


Step 3.

You’re ready to go. Agency agreed, system trained, submit business and start earning!

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